What Exactly Does Yoga Lifestyle Mean


Yoga is more than merely a physical activity or a workout practice to be followed; it is a complete lifestyle. Embracing Yoga as a philosophy and living every aspect of it in our lives can be a challenging yet very rewarding practice. When we say Yoga, in addition to the practice, it involves many other aspects of our lives like our eating habits, our dressing style, our meditation practice and our attitude towards every day situations.

These are a few components of the yoga lifestyle that are beyond the practice itself. Very often changing these aspects of our lives can have an overall positive effect our perspective of life and happiness.


Mindfulness is a Second Nature

Yoga lifestyle encourages you to be aware and be mindful of everything around you. It helps you practice and focuses your attention on things that matter, such as your breath, body, and your environment.

Everything in your life influences your perception, your thoughts and your actions. Each small decision from the clothes you wear, to food you eat, and even objects that you have in your home and workplace, add up how you are living your life.

To be consistently mindful means being aware of your actions, your choices and your purchases at all times as these can influence your peace, happiness, and contentment.


Meditation for Mind and Body

Regardless if you are embracing the full Yoga Lifestyle or not, meditation has a lot of benefits. Studies have shown that meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and bring balance and calmness in your emotional well-being.

Aside from reducing negative thoughts and emotions, a regular meditation practice, helps you manage your stress. It enables you to focus on the present, be mindful of your situation and take each day as it comes.


Veganism as a Lifestyle

It’s not a secret that the yoga lifestyle encourages veganism. Aside from the fact that it helps you eat clean and healthy, veganism also establishes awareness on where’s, who’s and how’s of sourcing your food.

If your goal is to become healthy, then it is also your responsibility to ensure that your healthy consumption expands beyond the racks of the stores. Start by reading the labels and choose organic, locally made and small batch products as far as possible.

This mindful consumption also extends to cosmetics, clothing, and other household and office products. Look at the labels and make sure to support cruelty-free and local brands.


Minimalism and Compassion

Ahimsa is part of the yoga lifestyle that promotes non-violence towards others and yourself and begins with basic affirmations like:

  • Speaking the truth
  • Helping others
  • Taking only what you need
  • Becoming faithful to yourself, your words, and to others
  • Thinking about the effects of your words before you speak.


The Yoga Lifestyle ini its essence encourages an attitude of minimalism, compassion, respect, and kindness. Following these pillars of lifestyle choices can help us become more aware of who we are and of people around us and live our lives with purposeful blessings.



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