Tenacity Rudraksha Mala With Tibetan Amulet

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When life throws you a curveball, our Tenacity mala will help keep you on track in your quest for transformation and personal growth. Strung on a hand woven 108 beads mala of Rudraksha and carnelian beads, Tenacity features a Tibetan amulet inlaid with lapis, turquoise and coral. Activated and blessed, this piece creates profound protection circles from negativity and propels you towards your goal while simultaneously thwarting away bad situations and evil influences from around you.

  • 108 Rudraksha and Carnelian Beads Mala
  • Activated Rudraksha 6mm
  • Tibetan Amulet - Lapis, Turquoise, Coral 2"
  • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, Strength, Knowledge
  • Turquoise: Health, Protection, Self-expression
  • Gold Vermeil Accessories

Rudraksha seeds, are believed to increase concentration, provide clarity of focus and inner strength to succeed. They’re also thought to improve memory and relieve stress. It is believed that the Rudraksha contains the secrets of entire evolution of cosmos within it. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone, which helps restores vitality and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates us to work towards success.

Each Sivalya mala comes cleansed and energized in its own natural jute bag to keep it protected from negative energies and is packed in a beautiful eco friendly gift box. Included within the box, you will also find descriptions of all gemstones that your mala consists of and a leaflet with details about malas, materials used and information about how to practice with and take care of your mala.

Use the provided Sivalya polishing cloth to gently wipe clean, then remove any remaining tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing in the provided fabric pouch.